It all started with a mountain and the craving for a great cocktail while sitting upon it. As a bartender who felt the mountain spirit calling, a question formed.

“How would the mountain spirit taste?”
The aromas of the Appalachians flood the nostrils with buckwheat and rain while Mount Rainer confuses the senses with the sight of jagged volcanic rock while inundated with the scents of seven different types of honeysuckle. The goal of Mountain Mama spirits was to make the unique tastes of the mountain tops accessible to all by bringing the senses of America’s National Parks to a bottle in your hand. Now, you can taste the mountains anywhere.

“Bringing the mountains to the masses.”
Just like a mountain, each Mountain Mama spirit was created with simplicity and boldness in mind. Designed to be enjoyed on their own or mixed with only one mixer to create that craft cocktail, elevated feel. No more reading a flavor only to be disappointed that it tastes nothing like it smells or buying a liquor that needs a mixology degree to taste good. Each mountain has a spirit of its own; each spirit bottled by Mountain Mama.

Find your mountain.

– John Muir
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